ARKSCAN Barcode Scanner

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Quick Overview

Can be used with Roll Call Mobile CheckIn and Desktop Check-in.
Reads barcodes off screen and on paper and it can also read barcode directly to computer device via bluetooth or USB cable.


Can be used with Roll Call Mobile CheckIn and Desktop Check-in.

Small & Lightweight
MT1197M mini pocket scanner is the smallest wireless memory barcode scanner in its class. It is tiny at L65 x W24 x H18 mm and only 24.6 g in weight, which is ideal to be carried in pocket or purse.

Waterproof Silicone Cover
With silicone cover that comes with the product, the scanner is fully protected and immune to rain drops and dust.

Non-pincode Pairing
MT1197M mobile barcode data collector features SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) that does not need a pincode when pairing with iOS/Android/Windows.
Outstanding Performance
Over 200 scans per second, MT1197M pocket barcode scanner delivered fast and accurate scanning performance, press the button, it scans and it is immediately ready for the next barcode.

Minimal Design
There are only 2 buttons on the scanner which makes it easy to hold and use. Almost no training is required.

Vibrating Indicator
Built-in vibrator makes it possible for MT1197M barcode data collector to operate in both completely quiet environment and extremely noisy workplace.

Green LED Illumination
MT1197M barcode pocket scanner is designed with patented green LED illumination that improves low contrast and poor quality barcode readability, with an additional benefit of eye protection for heavy user.

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